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Instructions to Register Multiple Attendees for the TACA Conference Under a Single Point of Contact/Payment Method

For those who need to register multiple attendees with their organization for the TACA Conference, the process to perform this function is new beginning with the 2021 Conference.

Each "group" will need to have a primary registration.  This is the person who will be responsible for the group, payment, etc.  It may be the head of the organization, division, or group.

Each additional attendee is called a "GUEST" in the new registration platform.

At the end of the primary/initial registration form, the option to add additional attendees (Guests) can be seen.

Clicking the "Add guest" button will allow for additional attendees to be added on a single "master" registration using one payment method for the entire group.

Once the registration fields are completed for the Guest/additional attendee, click the Done button. Each Guest/attendee should have a unique email address.  This facilitates email updates about the conference and future membership records.

Repeat the "Add guest" process for each additional attendee in the group.  After each registration, click the Done button to add the registration to the master record.

When all Guest/additional attendees have been entered, click the Next button to proceed to payment options.

On the payment options screen, the initial registration and any Guests/additional attendees will be summarized along with the total amount due.

Information on payment options is provided below.

Payment Options

When completing a registration for TACA events, users have the option of selecting Invoice Me or Pay Online.

Selecting "Invoice Me" will take the user to a new page with options to View/Pay Invoice.  Clicking the View/Pay will open a new window with the Invoice details.  Choosing the "Invoice Me" option will also generate an email to the primary registration with a balance due.  If paying the invoice by check through the mail, please include a copy of the invoice with the check.  Mailing instructions are provided with the invoice and in the image below with "Payment instructions."

Selecting "Pay Online" will enable the user to pay for the registration(s) at the time they are completed with a major credit/debit card.

For other payment questions or concerns, please email seminar@tnarson.org.

Example of View/Pay Invoice:

If the option to Invoice Me was originally selected but an online payment becomes preferred later, simply log into your registration record and find the "View/Pay Invoice" button.  

If you wish to pay at the event, select the "Invoice me" option.

Email Upon Completion of Registration

At the completion of registration, you should receive an email from TN Advisory Committee on Arson (admin@tnarson.org) with the subject line "Login information for TN Advisory Committee on Arson."  This email will contain information that will be useful in the event you need to pay any outstanding balances, make any changes to your registration(s), or accessing information reserved for conference attendees.  If you have questions or need assistance with your registration, please email seminar@tnarson.org.

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